Friday, January 28, 2011

India's 61st Republic Day

To say that the kids love any excuse to celebrate would be an understatement. We had officially declared a holiday at the Education Centre on January 26th, but decided to organize a little event (and by "little" I mean "involving 250 kids and the entire teaching staff," so maybe not so little after all) to celebrate Republic Day.

There was lots of flag-waving, anthem-singing, and inspirational slogan-chanting.

We took the opportunity to present small prizes (glitter pens) to the students with perfect attendance in the month of December, as well as larger gifts (very nice sets of 50 markers) to the students who had not been absent even once in the months of October, November and December. Nineteen students received marker sets, which, considering that the months in question coincided with cold and flu season, was not too shabby. My prediction is that attendance will improve even more after the attendance award ceremony - let's see!

Snacks (upma and fruit) and flags...

Activities included a coloring contest for the youngest kids (1st standard and below), a drawing contest for the kids in 2nd - 5th (pictured above), a "Great Leaders" essay writing contest for the kids in 6th and 7th, and a speech/public speaking activity for the students in standards 8 and up.

The nursery students also played an interesting game involving balloons tied to their ankles...not entirely sure of the rules, but they had a blast. They were also so, so excited about the flags + pinwheels.

* * * * *

Concurrently, in the Health Centre, we were running a pediatric check-up camp, compliments of Dr. Jaiswal, the lovely UNICEF pediatrician who comes to AIC every few weeks to check in on the Waghri and Sikligar kiddos.

We received a donation of baby/toddler toys + activity stations recently, which is turning out to be perfect for keeping the little ones busy and happy during our Health and Community Outreach activities.

The pediatric camp set-up. Res kids Ashwini and Pooja came along to help out (and Pooja took all of these photos!).

Dr. Jaiswal, showing a mother where her baby falls on the WHO height and weight charts.

Little Vivek really got a kick out of the examination process.

We even have an examination table now!

Program Coordinator Rashmi with Pooja, after the check-up camp was over.

And that was how we celebrated Republic Day here at AIC!


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