Sunday, April 3, 2011

Normally they're football fans...

...but last night, our Residential kids were transformed into cricket fanatics! Along with their 1.2 billion fellow citizens (literally - I kid you not - you could have heard a pin drop on even the largest highways in Pune last night), they were mesmerized by the India-Sri Lanka ICC World Cup finals.

Their despair at not having a TV to watch the game on mounted as the night went on and the game became closer in score. They started the afternoon off glued to the radio (the volume wasn't working properly, so their ears were actually pressed to it), then changed tactics and started following the live scorecard on with occasional peeps over the fence to watch from the neighbor's TV through the window. When the match had come down to the last 20 balls, they begged to run down the street to the barbershop to watch the end of the game:

And, in case you don't follow cricket or don't live in India (yes, those two were pretty much mutually exclusive last night), the winner was....

Chak de!

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  1. OMG!!!! I wish i would have could have all come over here!! It would have been so much fun watching with all of you! The Day you want a TV with Cable at your house....just let me know! I know people. :)