Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Earth Day Creation

[Erm, yes, I am aware that Earth Day was LAST month. Ooops. Hoping I still get points for better late than never?]

Lots of more recent things to post, but I wanted to get these gems up on the blog first, even though they're a tad late. Partly because they're just nice pictures, and partly because - wow - can we talk about how adorable/awesome it is that our soon-to-be-16-year-old, Sanjay, spent his afternoon creating an Earth Day watercolor painting on canvas for the occasion?? It seems like so many kids his age, especially boys, wouldn't be into Earth Day, and wouldn't think it was "cool" to paint a picture about taking care of the Earth...I don't know, maybe I'm just jaded about "kids these days," but all I can say is that I love that Sanjay is so earnest and enthusiastic about everything that he does.

Sanjay with his masterpiece. He's been really into watercolors recently.

A close-up of Sanjay's painting.

And another close-up.

May I take this opportunity to mention that, in addition to being an aspiring artist, Sanjay is also an excellent student, inordinately athletic, an awesome big brother to the littler ones? He really gives "well-rounded" a whole new meaning.

He's also probably going to be totally embarrassed to read all of the mushy things I'm writing about him (he is almost 16, after all...), but oh well. Sanjay, you're great.

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