Friday, June 24, 2011

T minus zero

We are currently in the car on the way to Mumbai to drop Geeta off at the airport for her flight to the US - hooray for mobile technology!

Geeta, ready to leave!

Sangeeta's farewell puja for Geeta's journey

Saying goodbye to Aakash (the other kids were still at school and had said goodbye in the morning)

In the search for something to distinguish Geeta's black suitcase from the 5 million other black suitcases at the baggage claim, Eric had the interesting idea of using stickers. Stickers left over from Rahul's "Living/Non-Living Things" homework, to be exact. Though initially skeptical, I am fairly certain that Geeta's bag will be the only one in the Newark airport plastered in Living/Non-Living Things stickers, so I suppose he has a point.

Driving to Mumbai

Safe travels, Geeta!

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  1. have a safe journey Geeta - can't wait to meet you in Ithaca!!!!