Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little gem of an anecdote that I had forgotten about

While sitting downstairs in the main office a couple weeks ago, I overheard singing from the nursery classroom on the first floor of our new Education Centre:

"Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O...And on that farm he had a...lemur! E I E I O...With a...(silent pause) here and a (silent pause) there..."

Context: The kids read about lemurs in one of their books that week, which is why there were lemurs living on Old MacDonald's farm. And the silent pauses were the kids making lemur eye rings with their hands. Now if you can just imagine a classroom full of 3-year olds making lemur eyes while singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, you'll understand why I was really kicking myself for not having brought my camera that day.

BUT - I will compensate by sharing this photo of one of our nursery classes lining up for snack time yesterday. It's not as cute as lemur eye rings but it'll do:

In case you were wondering - there are also tigers, lions and monkeys living on this particular farm belonging to Old MacDonald. Chickens and cows are so boring!

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