Monday, January 23, 2012

Back from the blogging hiatus

Happy 2012, everyone!

You may have noticed that our blog has been rather inactive for several months. We have a lot of catching up to do - everyone has been so busy doing what we do that there just hasn't been enough time to write about the doing, if that makes sense.

But it's a new year now - what better an opportunity to dust off the blog and get everyone up to speed on life at the AIC projects in Pune, right? To get started, here are a few things - big, small, festive, random - that have been going on since the last blog entry:

First off, there are new didis in Pune! And while they've been posting updates and photos on Facebook and Picasa, for months now, they've never really been formally introduced on the blog. Meet Samantha didi, Residential Program Director.

Aaaand Claudia didi, Education Outreach Program Director (with a silly Ashwini and a coconut).

Diwali diya (earthen lamp) painting - an AIC Residential Program tradition!

The Diwali party at the Education Outreach Centre

Arts and crafts on the Education Centre terrace!

Excellent turnout at the Annual (second year in a row means we can call it "Annual," right?) Holiday Party!
(Many, many thanks to Denise, Annie, Melanie, Sherry, Sue, Julie, Linda, Carrie, Jenny, Christy, Rohit, Poonam, Daniella, Debbie, Patty, Martha, Mary, Vijay, Naina, Sharan, Matthew, Sunita, Tony, and of COURSE, Idania and family!)

The nursery class students and their very festive Christmas tree

And another nursery class photo (I can't resist) - chalk drawing on the terrace

Masti (mischief) in the schoolyard - Karan, Sahil and Sanjay

Ramu, no caption necessary.

Our student, Bhavana, at the top of her class for the second year in a row - we love seeing report cards like this!

* * *
There is much more to come, including an exciting announcement about fundraising this year. More soon!

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