Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sponsor us!

As you may know, AIC has a sponsorship program through which Education Outreach Program children’s expenses can be sponsored.   
Several people have mentioned that they would love to know a little more about the children available for sponsorship.  Since (sadly) not everyone can just pop into our Education Outreach Centre to spend time with our awesome kiddos firsthand, we have decided to feature a new child every week in the hopes that one day all of our students will be supported by sponsors.

So whether you are interested in sponsoring or are just stopping by the blog to catch up on current happenings at AIC, I hope that you enjoy meeting some of the unique little personalities that we are proud to call AIC students.  

First up this week: spunky, affectionate Anjali! (click on image to enlarge) 
To sponsor one of the many children like Anjali who benefit from the Ashraya Initiative for Children Education Outreach Program, please e-mail us or sign up online! 

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