Friday, September 28, 2012

Unsung Heroines

Being a maushi ("aunt," or, the generic term for the cleaning women/before-school supervisors/kitchen manager/pre-school aides at AIC) at the Education Outreach Centre is certainly not the most...glamorous job imaginable.  

Paru maushi, supervising
Cleaning the centre multiple times a day, food prep and service, maintenance work, hauling water, bathing unruly children, combing lice out of said unruly children's hair, taking out the trash, washing an endless stream of school uniforms by hand - the AIC maushis are truly the backbone of the program's day-to-day functioning. 

Laundry, never-ending laundry
Hauling water from the underground tank
Swati maushi
Claudia, Education Program Director, had been looking for an opportunity to show them a little appreciation, and when she heard that a full-scale replica of the Taj Mahal was coming to Pune and would be on display not far from the Education Centre, she decided that a maushi excursion was in order.  

In front of the Taj replica
Having rarely been outside of Yerwada, and certainly never to a world heritage site, seeing the Taj Mahal replica was a rare treat for the group! 

Admiring the details
With Claudia didi
Thank you, Pinchu, Anju, Paru, Rekha, Swati, Chhaya and Sarika maushis for all that you do at AIC!

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