Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall 2012: Education Outreach Program Updates

After summer holidays in April and May, School began again in June, and the Education Outreach Centre is as busy as ever these days, particularly as the 34 new students enrolled in the program during admissions week in April continue to adjust to their new schedule and routine.  In June, 10th standard Board exam results were announced and everyone was thrilled to learn that our little class of 10th standard Education Outreach students beat the odds with a pass rate of 100%!  This was particularly exciting for us because last year was the first year that we decided to forgo sponsoring external tutoring classes for this group, and created our own in-house 10th standard tutoring program instead.  These students have since moved on to college (11th standard) with AIC’s support. 

School supplies, waiting for distribution
Aman, being measured for his uniform
For our pre-school, primary school and secondary school students, Education Program Director Claudia recently put new measures into place to improve student attendance and parent participation, and as a result, this month’s “perfect attendance list” is the longest it has ever been!   Our AIC teaching staff continues to fine-tune their teaching techniques with instruction and guidance from Claudia and we are grateful for the help and support of a number of local volunteers and supporters in the classrooms as well.

Parent-teacher meeting
In October, six members of the teaching staff attended the much-anticipated inspirED 2012 conference in Pune, a coming-together of visionaries, professionals, government actors and educators committed to the transformation of education in India. The conference was hosted by Teach for India and even included a featured session by Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America.  It was truly an inspirational event for the AIC teachers, who returned from the workshop invigorated and ready to bring about change in the field of education.  We can't wait to see how they put to use what they learned in their own classrooms at AIC!   

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