Friday, November 2, 2012

Arjun's update

Here he is post-surgery, rocking some very stylish protective glasses while his eye heals!  We are happy to report that he is doing quite well after a two-week hiatus from school and tutoring (straining his eye during the recovery period could have led to irreversible damage), during which he continued to receive nutritional supplementation like milk and eggs from the Education Outreach Centre. (Many of AIC's students, like Arjun, face daily food insecurity at home, and truly suffer when the Education Centre is closed or they are unable to attend.)

Arjun's family is extremely grateful that the surgery was successful and is finally over.  As for Arjun, well...Arjun blows bashful kisses and looks like a rockstar in his glasses.  And that's thanks enough for us. :)

Happy almost-weekend from AIC!

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