Friday, November 16, 2012

More Diwali festivities

Pooja, helping with the rangoli design

More rangoli

Note that almost all of the children are the same height as Sangeeta (or taller!)

Spending time with AIC's new CEO, Christie Pettitt-Schieber

Tushar, Geeta, Poonam and Santosh

Organizing the CD/movies cupboard

Cleaning out the water filter (no need to call a professional when you've got a Tushar in the family!)
New Diwali outfits
Pooja and Rahul
Awww...brotherly love (this probably didn't end well)
Geeta, Poonam and Kajal, looking so...OLD!
Everyone has been enjoying some much-needed time at the Residential house this week!  And of course, Diwali vacation wouldn't be complete without the activities that have become annual traditions for the AIC family - firecrackers, lights, diya painting, rangoli, getting to pick out a new Diwali outfit (seriously, the children start planning their Diwali outfits six months in advance!), not to mention lots of cleaning, organizing, and some good old fashioned time together as a family.  

More soon from our other programs!

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