Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Off to school

Here are a few of our new school admissions from last month. These kids have been a part of our program for between 1 and 3 years, and we've been slowly and steadily prepping them for admission into better schools around the city. We've been pretty successful this year, despite intense (and in some cases, illegal) pressure/retaliation from the students' previous schools to retain these students, as they are, of course, the best and the brightest in the school.

[But more about that later - I have a FULL post about the nearby government schools and the public education sham, despicably self-serving attitudes and outright laziness, already in the works! Just a little something to look forward to, because I am so thoughtful like that...J]

Their only complaint about their new schools: "Our teachers there give us so much homework!" (They are used to the nearby government schools where teachers only show up 50% of the time...)

Waiting for their rickshaw ride to school, as their new school is a 45 minute commute from our centre!

(Cutest sisters ever? I think so.)

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