Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly installment of photos

(Or is it instalment? I never really know.)

Here is a round-up of some photos from the last month...I'm trying to get caught up!

English lessons with volunteer Jeffrey prior to moving to our new Education Outreach Centre (more photos of that coming soon!).

School's started, back to work!

Hanging out with volunteer Christian.

Our chicken-pox-y little Poonam.

Two of our 10th standard Waghri boys, showing their (passing!) board exam results. Three years ago, not a single Waghri from our community had passed 10th standard. Now these two are college students!

Volunteers Andrew and Christian, hard at work covering school books in the new Education Centre office (note that there is already mold on the walls - yeyyyy Indian monsoon). I am pretty sure that these two single-handedly covered at least 1,000 notebooks and textbooks that week.

Jeffrey, our security guard extraordinaire. (It looks pretty quiet in this picture, but during admissions week there were pretty intense crowds of parents and kids trying to come in and inquire about admissions, so our volunteers took shifts as bouncers for the times when parents weren't supposed to be coming in.)

First day of school!

First day of school!

End of the tailoring/jewelry-making class for the Education Outreach and Residential girls. Here they are, proudly showing a few of their creations (cushion covers and cloth files).

Group photo on the last day of class.

One of our original twelve outreach girls, making a speech on the last day of tailoring class.

Thanking our awesome (and very patient) tailoring teacher on the last day of the girls' class.

Hanging out at Chowki Dhani for Jim dada's goodbye dinner.

Paint tattoos at Chowki Dhani.

Posing with the Rajasthani statues at Chowki Dhani.

Posing with the Rajasthani statues at Chowki Dhani.

Geeta in front of the Taj hotel in Mumbai on the day of her US visa interview. (Thought we'd throw in a little sight-seeing while we had the chance...)

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  1. Wow!!! Great pictures. I found your foundation while searching for full time jobs at Linkedin. I am a Social Worker interested in International Social Work. I recently visited India after 12 long years and was touched by children doing labor work because they have no other option. These are some great pictures and you are doing some great work. I would love to hear about job opportunities if possible. Thank you.