Friday, January 25, 2013

AIC's Holiday Party

Written by Mary Kay Hazel
Photos by Manali Kulkarni

Happy 2013 from AIC!

It has been quite an eventful time. Santa visited the Education Outreach Centre and the Residential House, much to the kids’ delight, and we celebrated Christmas, India-style, at the Centre. We took students on outings to video arcades and malls, welcomed guests from abroad, and celebrated the wedding of one of our teachers. New staff members settled in, and we bid a bittersweet farewell to Claudia didi. The residential children came home for a few crazy days over New Year’s, turned the house upside down, and went back to school. And, of course, students continued to study, teachers continued to teach, and maushis continued to hold it all together.
Phew. First things first.

The Education Outreach Centre Holiday party was every bit as lively and enjoyable as last year’s, though it was on a smaller scale than in years past. Many different students danced choreographed routines to festively loud music, and the teachers even joined in the fun with a performance of their own. It was lovely to celebrate right on our own roof: the terrace was transformed by the efforts of magical elves (a.k.a. the expats), and everyone dressed up in their best holiday finery. And finally, no holiday party is complete without a Santa, and ours came with the added bonus of a Scottish accent. The children could barely contain their glee when he arrived to distribute gifts and sweets. The candy is long gone by now, but the toys make frequent appearances during breaks and playtime, and the memories will last forever.

All our gratitude to the Duncan family, Melanie Armer, Rose Smith, Ian Smith, Denise and Chad Harshberger and sons, Sue Dunne, the Expat Wives of Pune and drivers/lighting guys Nandu and Sabir, for planning and sharing in such a wonderful celebration for students, staff, and friends. We also extend our love and thanks to you, our international friends and allies. In a year full of transitions, we were continually sustained and strengthened by our family around the world. With your support, we are confident 2013 will be our best year yet.


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  2. This article is really heart touching. I had spent a great holiday last year in Central London on Christmas, stayed in a beautiful hotel where my friend invited many orphans on a Christmas party he arranged and gave away many gifts to them.