Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Republic Day Celebration - Residential Program

On January 26, India celebrated its 63rd annual Republic Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the Indian Constitution taking effect. Schools around the country put on special patriotic programs for students and teachers to show off the best of Indian arts, sports, history, and culture to parents and honored guests. Here at AIC, both the Residential and the Educational Outreach Centre children celebrated with spectacular productions. Bedecked in the national colors of orange, white, and green, our kids raised flags, performed patriotic songs and dances, demonstrated athletic skills, listened to featured speakers, and enjoyed sweets and laddus. Needless to say, a fantastic time was had by all, from the parents and guests in the audience to the student and teacher performers.

The Residential children’s program took place at their boarding school on Jan. 23. All of the kids participated in some fashion, whether it was helping to set up (Santosh), marching in military formations (Geeta, Pooja, Jyoti, Kajal, Tushar, and Sanjay), performing complex gymnastic moves called malakhamb (Rahul), or dancing beautifully choreographed routines (Ashwini, Poonam, Jyoti, and Pooja). Although medical issues kept her on the sidelines this year, Sonali was on hand to cheer for all her sisters, brothers, and friends, and Ramu, Sangeeta maushi, Idania didi, and I (MK didi) also came to support our kids and enjoy the show. The program was an exuberant mix of student performances and patriotic displays, from horseback riding to martial arts to students dressed as important historical figures. In combination with the many, many flags, and once again, orange, green, and white everywhere, the show created quite a spectacle. The residential kids have taken full advantage of the many extracurricular opportunities at their school, and it was a treat to see all their hard work in action.

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